It was the dawn of
Smartphone Era and
Epsilon has planted our flag
inside the battleground
Epsilon was found in the year 2010 in Singapore, by a group of talented and passionate software engineers.

At Epsilon, we all come to work every day because we want our company as well as our clients to stay ahead in the battle of Mobile Applications with the right tools.
Our missions are not only buildings Single Apps but also offering Completed and Optiomized Solutions of applying Mobility Technology into business for startups and enterprises clients.

Our Services

Now, more than ever, the use of mobile devices is playing an important role in the workplace.

With faster internet speed and affordable smartphones, Mobile Training is becoming an unstoppable trend that requires the training content developers in any organization to consider.
Having eLearning on the desktop and something different on Mobile to support that eLearning is more powerful than duplication of content.
Paper-based survey is presented to audiences by plain white paper and back ink with limitation on space and design.
While traditional CAPI survey is conducted by personal interview using a computer to answer the questions. Thus, either the respondent or an interviewer sits at a computer terminal and answers a questionnaire using the keyboard or mouse.
Developing mobile apps is a worthwhile way to spend time and money because these apps can help boost employees' productivity. Through a mobile application, users can accomplish a difficult and time-consuming business process in just a few minutes or even seconds.

Our Work

Homework God




“In order to extend our presence globally, we decided to publish our digital supplements on different platform like Apple iBooks and Amazon kindle, however, we have difficulties in converting pdf files to the file format that accepted by iBooks and Amazon Kindle, so we start to seek for help from various vendor. And we know that Epsilon is specialized in digital publishing platform, therefore, we try to approach them and see if they can help”



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